LGBTQ Community

Celebrating the historic judgement of the Supreme Court of India where it abolished section 377, the September edition of Vimarsh is dedicated to the LGBTQ community and their inclusion in the society at large. When we
stop judging people on the basis of their genders, caste, creed or color, only then do we achieve true equity. Talking about ‘Unity in diversity’ may sound a cliché today, but it is what we need to lead a sustainable, inclusive
society, free of the blots of discrimination or ill treatment. In order to instill gender tolerance and make the torchbearers of the country liberal and latitudinous young men and women, we at Vimarsh, rejoice in equal
rights for the LGBTQ: an evident in dicator that love finally triumphs!


Yuvika Maheshwari,

Editor in Chief

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