We live in a world where humans are given equal rights constitutionally but little respect, dignity and equity. We live in a culture of rapes, foeticides, acid attacks and physical abuse, of both men and women. We live in a world where women have been fighting for an end to their objectification and men have been warmongering for people to even consider their being abused.
These bouts have been brought into the lime light with the #metoo movement, which has caused a stir all over the world. It has provided a platform for both men and women to finally open up about the delinquent acts and abuses that they were earlier apprehensive to talk about. It is a movement where the true colors of people are finally unfolding and the guilty are being shamed, mortified and put behind bars.
This edition of ‘Vimarsh’ aims to get students to deliberate on the #metoo movement and to help them distinguish between the right and the wrong.

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Yuvika Maheshwari

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